With a BFA in Fine Art and Painting this award winning artist has over 20 years in the decorative painting business.

Her early apprenticeships with master artisans and architectural tours throughout Spain, France, and India has given her a global resonance and a wide perspective. This versatility allows Kristin to combine different elements to create original works from traditional to ultra-contemporary.

Kristin's team of skilled and considerate artisans are a joy to work with. High end services are delivered with a white glove approach and she oversees each project. With her flexible, focused clear perspective she creates a comfortable design experience that is actually fun.  Clients working with her for over 10 years continue to find beautiful new ways to add delight to their homes, and some remark how they love the process "like shopping for jewelry for the house." 


Kristin is adept with the client, architect, and designer, tracking closely all the design considerations. She is unbiased and objective in clients preferences and style choices. She uses fundamental artistic principals and her extensive experience to create exceptional room composition within any format. "I present my sample collection, listen carefully and observe what clients gravitate toward. One of my strengths is the ability to take in surroundings, visualize the picture of the harmonic whole, with striking surface designs proposed as the result.Holding steady the creative vision, backed by experience, she is nimble within the changing considerations in a building process and a true asset on any design team.

"My passion is creating environments for my clients, surrounding them with what they love most."

Kristin McNeill

The Finishing Studio

Kristin has a unique ability to sense what clients are looking to achieve even when they aren't able to articulate it, compose solutions and bring them beautifully to the table.

Kristin McNeill
Artist ~ Entrepreneur ~ Sculptor ~ Visionary ~ Project Lead ~ Costume Design